I Can and I Will

The confident, fearless, expectant, “I Can and I Will” person is a mighty magnet. This person will attract exactly what is needed for success. Things seem to come their way and others call them “lucky.” Nonsense! “Luck” has nothing to do with it. It’s all in the mental attitude.

It is also true that the mental attitude of the “I Can’t” or the “I’m Afraid” person also determines their measure of success. There’s no mystery about it. You only have to look around to realize the truth of this.

Did you ever know a successful person without the “I Can and I Will” thought strong within them? This type of person will always outperform the “I Can’t” person, even if the “I Can’t” person has more ability. The “I Can and I Will” attitude will bring latent qualities to the surface, as well as attract help from outside. The “I Can’t” attitude will not only attract “I Can’t” people and things, but also will prevent the person’s own powers from manifesting themselves.

Don’t waste your Thought Force. Use it to your advantage. Stop attracting failure, unhappiness, disharmony and sorrow. Begin now to send out a current of bright, positive, happy thoughts. Let your prevailing thought be “I Can and I Will.”

  • Think “I Can and I Will”
  • Dream “I Can and I Will”
  • Say “I Can and I Will”
  • Act “I Can and I Will”
  • Live on the “I Can and I Will” plane

Before you know it, you will feel new vibrations manifesting themselves into action. You will see them bring results. You will be conscious of a new point of view. You will realize that what is yours is coming to you. You will feel better, act better, see better and be better in every way.